ABBA wins the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest

In 1974 the pop group ABBA wins the 1974 Eurovision song contest with the song Waterloo. The victory began ABBA’s path to worldwide fame.

ABBA wins the 1974 Eurovision song contest

“Waterloo” was written specifically to be entered into the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. The group had finished third with “Ring Ring” the previous year in the Swedish pre-selection contest, Melodifestivalen 1973.

The original title of the song was “Honey Pie”. “Waterloo” was originally written with simultaneous rock music and jazz beats (unusual for an ABBA song).

Recording of the song commenced on 17 December 1973. The recording included instrumental backing from Janne Schaffer, Rutger Gunnarsson and Ola Brunkert.

The song’s production style was influenced by Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound”. Prior to recording “Ring Ring”, engineer Michael B. Tretow had read Richard Williams’ book Out of His Head: The Sound of Phil Spector. That book inspired him to layer multiple instrumental overdubs on the band’s recordings, becoming an integral part of ABBA’s sound.

The German and French versions was recorded In March and April of 1974. Claude-Michel Schönberg adapted the French version

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Abba wins the 1974 Eurovision song contest with the song Waterloo.

“Waterloo” is about a woman who “surrenders” to a man and promises to love him. It referencing to Napoleon‘s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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ABBA Museum

If you travel to Stockholm, Sweden, you can visit the ABBA Museum.

ABBA Museum

” In the exhibition, you can virtually try on ABBA’s costumes , sing, play, mix original music and become the fifth member of ABBA by performing on our large stage together with Björn, Benny Frida and Agnetha. On an iPad, you can choose different instruments from the studio and listen to how they sound on a recording when all the other instruments have been removed ”